Ranger Gate Openers Solar or AC Powered


 The UsAutomatic Ranger gate opener is an excellent choice for most farm and ranch / residential applications. The Ranger is capable of operating gates up to 13' long and weighing up to 400lbs. The solar powered Ranger gate operator will cycle up to 65 times a day on a 6 watt solar panel. The battery-run system ensures full function during a power outage. The USAutomatic Ranger Gate Operator is easy to install with limit adjustments on the control board with no welding required. 

USAutomatic Ranger Gate Openers Include:

  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Year Warranty all Components
  • 2 -LCR 2 Button Remote Controls
  • Solar or AC Charged
  • Up to 65 Cycles Per Day on 6 Watt Panel
  • Charge Controller and Transformer (included)
  • Danaher 16" Linear Actuator
  • Control Box with Hinged Cover
  • All necessary mounting brackets
  • 12 Vdc Battery Powered (battery not included)

The Ranger Gate Operator Homeowner Kit Includes 2 Long Range Remote Controls, 24 Code Wireless Keypad and a Wireless Push Button.

 #020510 Ranger I Single Swing AC Gate Opener 

Homeowner Kit


 #020511 Ranger II Dual AC Swing Gate Operator

Homeowner Kit


 #020410 Patriot #RSL AC Slide Gate Opener

Homeowner Kit



 #020512 Ranger I Single Solar Swing Gate Opener

Homeowner Kit


  #0020513 Ranger II Dual Solar Swing Gate Operator

Homeowner Kit


  #020430 Patriot #RSL Solar Slide Gate Opener

Homeowner Kit


 Solar Friendly Accessories

Voltage Consumption


 #030210 2 Button LCR Remote Controls 433MHZ 

12V Battery (included)


 #050500 24 Code LCR Wireless Keypad 433MHZ

3V Battery (included)


 #050550 Metal 24 Code LCR Wireless Keypad 433MHZ

3V Battery (included)


 #030215 LCR Wireless Pushbutton 433MHZ

3V Battery (included)


#030220 LCR Pack (2 remotes, receiver and 12' coax antenna with bracket) 433MHZ

1.2 m/a draw


 #DKLP 19-100 Code Low Power Keypad  (hard wired)

.000060 m/a draw


#CP-3-100' 3 Wire Auto Exit Wand (6-31 VAC or 10-40 Vdc)

30 m/a draw


 #550015 7 Day Timer (12 Vdc)

1.0 m/a draw


 #550015 Solenoid Lock (10-14 Vdc)

250 m/a draw


 #550010 Photo Eyes (safety 12-24 VAC Vdc)

79 m/a draw


 #CP42" Gooseneck Pedestal

Powder Coated



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